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I started my journey in education as a Teaching Assistant and then undertook a role as a Cover Supervisor. My experiences working in education has enabled me to build upon my own capabilities and pursue my goal to become an English teacher. In September 2021, I started my teacher training year with BASCITT. 

Since working in education I have always enjoyed networking with like minded individuals. I wanted to create a blog to document my teacher training journey and reflect upon my own journey and practice. I am passionate about research and wish to share my findings with you.

Educational professionals will be able to discuss and highlight ideas in the forum. Blog posts will cover a variety of different topics for all teachers, alongside some posts dedicated to my subject, English. I also will be showcasing teachers on this blog as an opportunity to network with like minded individuals and convey their experiences working in education. 

I am always open for feedback, feel free to contact me so we can connect! Thank you for visiting my blog!


Hi! I am Chloe and the founder of The Teachers Network. I wanted to create something that would help with my teacher training and hopefully it will be useful to you too!

Chloe Roberts